Action-Merc Commercial Agents & Private Investigators

Action-Merc Field CallsAll services are undertaken by qualified and experienced agents that are skilled in all areas of communication and have been trained how best to perform their task. Our agents not only reflect professionalism, they also reflect upon clients we represent. All Field Call activity is in in accordance with state and federal laws and we can undertake a range of Field Call activities, specific to your individuals needs on the files.

The agent rings in and report at the time of the completed Field Call. With our state-of-the-art web-based database we can track the file and notify you instantly when the job is complete, with uploads available in agent's return to the office (Direct debit Forms, Agreement to Repay, Statement of Financial Positions, etc). Our main aim is to always ensure that our client's relationship with their defaulting customer is not jeopardised, that communication is restored, with the ultimate aim, to full the specifics of the field call instructions . "Personal field call visitation" continues to be a highly effective tool in motivating the customer to resolve their delinquent account.

Our basic structure for pricing varies according to location, and the service levels required for the issued Field Call. In additional for tracking purposes, if the premium client package is selected, all original documents such as the completed Form 71, Short Term Financials, Direct Debits, and Agreement to repay are mailed via a range of optional Mail Services and you will be advised of the tracking number.


  • City Suburbs:
Bundaberg, Gladstone, Maryborough, Hervey Bay Gympie & Rockhampton
  • Regional Suburbs: 
Moore Park, Boyne Island, Oakhurst, Toogoom, Curra, Yeppoon, etc
  • Rural or Remote Towns: 
Monto, Biloela, Tiaro, Howard, Rainbow Beach, Emerald, etc


  • Standard Field Call:
* Speaking directly with your customers, face to face, whenever possible.

* Updating demographic and contact information such as place of employment, current telephone numbers,

   reason for delinquency and agreement to repay.

* Facilitating a phone conversation between you and your customers, by placing the customer on the phone to

   the nominated number, using the agent's mobile phone (Additional Fee of $10.00 + gst applicable)

* Delivering confidential correspondence

* Motivating your customers to reestablish and continue an open line of communication with your institution.

* Completing Agreement to Repay and Direct Debit Forms

* Verifying location and/or condition of your collateral, noting any assets, via digital photos and property condition.

* Credit Card Collection

* Motor vehicle 3rd party enquiries – identifying insurance policy and claim numbers.

* Establishing reason for non-payment, and identifying means to pay.

* Statement Taking

  • Full Financial Interview
* Short-Term or a Form 71 – Statement of Financial Position
  • Skip Field Call

* Interviewing with family, friends and neighbors if the address is no longer current

Note: Additional Service available; We utilise both internal and external services

(on a fee for service basis) to locate skipped debtors. We can locate and confirm

current residential and/or employment addresses in the majority of cases.


Pricing varies from the Standard service levels Fee if the matter is either a Priority with a pre-established date and time or Urgent, based on immediate attendance.

Standard Within five business days (unless regional suburbs or rural cities), although all efforts are made to resolve on same day

Priority At a specific date and time

Urgent Same day Service


General Australia Post Mail

General DX Mail


Standard Express Post (trackable)

Registered Mail (trackable)

DX to Street Address (trackable)

DX to DX Priority (trackable)


We have pricing structures to suit the needs of your business and welcome all enquiries and written quotes can be provided by email. All enquiries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 0418 798 563.